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Rubicon was founded in Kentucky in 2008 by Nate Morris, and his high-school friend, Marc Spiegel.

While working in China for the Kentucky state government earlier in his career, Morris was shocked by the incredible amount of waste that he saw being produced, and by the lack of an environmentally responsible way to deal with it. Upon his return to the US, he reconnected with Spiegel, whose family had been in the waste and recycling business for more than a century, and questioned if there was a better, more sustainable way to deal with the global waste problem.

Together they got to work. Morris maxed out his personal credit cards and even sold items on eBay to fund initial expenses. They came-up with the name Rubicon, a reference to the idiom “crossing the Rubicon,” which means to pass a point of no return and refers to Julius Caesar’s army crossing the Rubicon River in 49 BC. With this humble start, but grand ambition, Rubicon was born.

Today, Rubicon has become the worldwide leader in providing cloud-based waste and recycling solutions for customers in business, government, and the nonprofit sectors.

With over 4,900,000 service locations worldwide, the company is focused on developing cutting-edge software that brings transparency to the waste and recycling industry, encouraging customers to make data-driven decisions that lead to more efficient and effective operations that drive more sustainable outcomes.

With its headquarters in Atlanta, GA, and core teams in New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; St. Louis, MO; and Tinton Falls, NJ, and an extensive network of over 7,000 vendor and hauler partners, Rubicon can manage all waste and recycling services. Programs include cardboard (OCC), plastic, paper, metal, glass, electronics recycling, construction and demolition (C&D), organics recycling (including food waste and composting services), and single-stream recycling solutions (SSR). In addition, our subject matter experts manage commodity markets, zero-waste programs, and other sustainability offerings across our portfolio. Most recently, Rubicon developed a cutting-edge smart city solution, RUBICONSmartCity, that helps city governments run more efficient, effective, and sustainable operations.

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George Washington Carver Award

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Ashish Juneja

Ashish Juneja

At Rubicon, we not only encourage innovation and creativity, but challenge our global team members to set the bar high and their goals even higher. So in honor of a man who dedicated his life’s work to innovating and challenging the norms in our society, we established the George Washington Carver Innovation Award in 2018.
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